ClikPak: Augmenting the Ecommerce Experience to Emerging Markets

ClikPak: Augmenting the Ecommerce Experience to Emerging Markets

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Jessie L Nicolas, Founder, ClikPak IncJessie L Nicolas, Founder With billions of people worldwide, scrolling down an endless array of options from the U.S. marketplace, businesses need to realize that eCommerce sales are not just limited to the boundaries of geographies. Unfortunately, several businesses find it hard to sell to global markets seamlessly as it involves several complications pertaining to taxation and other export/import duties. Many players fall at the first hurdle, i.e., the categorization of restricted and/or prohibited products and the taxes that are applied to them. Even though there are numerous eCommerce portals that provide online shopping from the U.S. marketplaces, some just list the rules and leave customers to work it out themselves when it comes to managing the customs clearance and related payments. Also, other providers employ a vast number of agents to check and respond to customer queries and product quotations. However, this is a manual process where customers are notified only after 24 hours or so, entirely removing the “instant” internet shopping experience enjoyed in many established markets. Streamlining the processes can be a handful, and automation is the ticket to achieving this goal. Ecommerce sites need to incorporate a robust automation algorithm into their platform, making the interaction between them and their customers a smooth, enjoyable, immediate, predictable and reliable experience.

Established to resolve these issues faced by organizations providing online shopping from the U.S. markets with products delivered to customers’ doors in emerging markets is Florida-based eCommerce platform provider ClikPak. “We specialize in order and logistic delivery from the U.S. online marketplaces and stores,” says Shwan Hamawandi, COO of ClikPak. The firm’s unique solution provides the platform and ongoing order fulfillment, enabling the partners to focus on customers and in-market operations. Identifying that sales, marketing, and operations within the country are the major driving forces for its partners’ success, ClikPak provides a fast, scalable, and affordable web-and mobile-compatible eCommerce solution with world-class functionalities. This automated solution shows the products that are eligible for import to the customer and an immediate, clear breakdown of all taxes, duties, and other applicable costs, providing superior customer experience and easier checkout with the most popular payments for each country partner.

A 3600 Solution for Ecommerce Industry

“We are recognized in the industry for providing a top-notch capabilities to our clients by delivering a one-of-a-kind 3600 solution,” adds Hamawandi.

We are recognized in the industry for providing a top-notch capability to our clients by delivering one-of-a-kind 3600 solution

With ClikPak’s solution, customers can shop with one shopping cart across their favorite online stores. They are able to browse, search, sort, and select commodities on each store and see the fully itemized breakdown of their products’ final price delivered to the chosen location. With ClikPak, customers can use their preferred payment mode with express door-to-door delivery option. This eliminates the need for customers to have a credit card, which U.S. stores often decline. Also, they are free from maintaining a virtual address within the USA. “We are also building on our core capabilities enhancing the payment methods so that we can enrich the opportunities for our country partners. This includes expanding global payment methods, providing pre-provisioned plug-and-play options to be used by country partners,” adds Hamawandi.

Furthermore, ClikPak’s solution allows customers to avoid complexities while managing customs clearance and taxes upon package arrival. With ClikPak, partners have their own branded eCommerce solution that provides an integrated shopping experience, allowing customers to shop from all the available stores that typically span across six to eight chosen marketplaces within the U.S. They are also provided with a categorized view of commodities by eliminating restricted or prohibited items. To offer the best possible experience for customers, the firm builds a solution compatible with multiple devices available in the market today. This includes computers and all mobile devices, with dedicated Apps for Android and iOS as well as a plug-ins for popular internet browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Shaping the Next-Gen Shopping Model

When it comes to eCommerce, business¬es are often challenged with the trade-off between functionality, scalability, and affordability. To eliminate this painful choice for partners, ClikPak develops an affordable, scalable, high-performance solution with enhanced functionalities delivers to its clients within weeks.

To be more specific, the firm builds a partner branded eCommerce platform with cus¬tomized local import restrictions, taxes, and other duties within eight weeks. Re¬alizing the capabilities of ClikPak’s solu¬tion, several partners have implemented its solution, driving a massive increase in the firm’s customer base.

ClikPak’s recent engagement with a client demanded a state-of-the-art scalable and high functionality solution. Recently, one of ClikPak's clients was struggling to offer an industry-best shopping experience to its customers because their solution wasn’t customizable. The solution needed to be pre-configured to include particular brands, conform with current market regulations, and provide a complete tax breakdown. Without these prerequisites, maximizing their business capabilities and differentiating from competitive alternatives, the clients dreams were unrealizable. Engaging with ClikPak, they were able to overcome all the challenges, and they were able to quickly provide the best available customer experience and the flexibility to include all their preferred payment methods.

Leading the Way to Future

With such a powerful offering under its belt, ClikPak is rolling out plans to expand to multiple foreign markets by leveraging its technical expertise and the potential of its dedicated and focused workforce. Having built its comprehensive solution with open APIs that address the emerging market requirements, the firm has moved rapidly, expanding to new territories across Africa, South America, and the Asia Pacific. ClikPak’s ability to align with the diverse requirements of each market in terms of cultural fit, regulatory needs, taxes, payment methods, and local delivery, helps the firm accelerate its entry into new markets. “Several players with substantial eCommerce regional growth plans have approached us, and we will accelerate market penetration by joining hands with our country partners,” adds Hamawandi.

Simultaneously, ClikPak is planning to collaborate with local sellers to provide them with a comprehensive search in the regional language, voice search capability, and better customer support content and video steps. The firm is also adding a new feature to its solution, targeting wholesale clients, small and medium-sized businesses, and customers who would be interested in buying products from other marketplaces.
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ClikPak Inc

ClikPak Inc

Miami, FL

Jessie L Nicolas, Founder and Shwan Hamawandi, COO and David Ainsworth, Chief Commercial Officer

Founded in 2013, ClikPak is an eCommerce platform provider. Based in Miami , Florida, ClikPak specializes in order and logistic delivery from USA online market-places and stores. The firm enables its customers to offer USA store products with an all-inclusive price to their in-country customers from a platform tailored to their country and branded to their business. The company takes care of all the USA logistics, ordering, technical and delivery bits so that its customers can focus on the business in their country