Envoy: B2B Content and E-Commerce Platform

Envoy: B2B Content and E-Commerce Platform

Jon Faber, CEO, EnvoyJon Faber, CEO
In the world of B2B e-commerce platforms, introducing a modern approach requires more than just improving system design. Jon Faber, CEO of Envoy, says that most retailers still use utility-focused B2B platforms or fragmented processes made up of spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. These traditional paradigms can handle basic commerce functions—click a button to place an order—but they lack modern shopping experiences and don’t give buyers the content they need to effectively sell a brand.

Envoy’s mission is to help brands and retailers worldwide realize the power of a content and commerce B2B strategy

Slow and unreliable, these systems create a huge gap between buyers and brands when it comes to product knowledge. What’s more, they lack the tools that marketers, reps, and back-office personnel need to grow market share. Envoy fills this gap between retailers and buyers by combining content and commerce into a single modern B2B platform. It lets brands increase speed of sales and create an informed group of buyers at the same time.

Envoy keeps buyers informed with Showroom, a one-stop content destination for buyers and representatives to deliver a best-in-class marketing experience. It allows brands to go to market more quickly, more often, and more efficiently, all while maintaining a conversation with their buyers. Brands use Showroom to build brand knowledge and loyalty by delivering videos, lookbooks, and presentations to retailers.

Unlike other systems, Envoy’s B2B portal provides product knowledge via Showroom and delivers top-notch commerce features. This combined strategy—putting content and commerce together in the same B2B—saves buyers from the burden of researching future offerings. It also allows brands to support their retail channels with compelling content and informative marketing.
Mark Johnson, CMO, EnvoyIn addition, Envoy offers powerful segmentation tools so customers can tell the right stories to the right people and update those stories dynamically.

Envoy’s B2B software is unique because it’s an essential piece of a brand’s go-to-market strategy, not just a simple utility. Envoy focuses on every piece of the go-to-market process—from forecasting, to sell in, to sell through, to heightening brand loyalty at retail—all aimed at growing wholesale channels for the brand. In addition, Envoy’s platform is supported and updated by the developers to stay ahead of customer demands.

To illustrate the capabilities of Envoy, Faber tells the story of a client who was stuck with three different B2B systems across various regions. The client needed to consolidate all these different systems into a single platform—in multiple languages and compatible with various international standards. In other words, one system for every user worldwide.

By adopting Envoy, the client was able to unify its B2B across its entire geographic footprint. Envoy’s unified approach to B2B allowed the brand to reduce inefficiencies created by its siloed systems, improving workflows for users. “We have also reduced their time-to-market by providing other content services, such as high-volume product images for each product, which they were struggling with previously,” adds Mark Johnson, CMO of Envoy.

Looking ahead, Envoy has numerous updates and improvements planned. The team at Envoy has built a roadmap based on client feedback, communication with end users and buyers, , and insight gained from years of working in the footwear and apparel space.

Envoy also continues to provide training for new users, with reliable support around the world. The company has introduced a new core offering to accommodate growing firms, which has created opportunities to deliver the platform to more brands. “Envoy’s mission is to help brands and retailers worldwide realize the power of a content and commerce B2B strategy,” concludes Faber.