Gearfire eCommerce: Delivering a Complete Solution for Independent Retailers

Gearfire eCommerce: Delivering a Complete Solution for Independent Retailers

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Chad Seaverns, Chief Operating Officer, Gearfire eCommerceChad Seaverns, Chief Operating Officer
Let’s be honest — it’s a challenge to successfully sell online.

The reasons range from the desire for simplicity and ease of use to business owners’ lack of time in the day to run their business alongside an online store. That’s where Gearfire can help. Founded by a local independent retailer who was frustrated by getting their business online, the company’s eCommerce platform was the first to market in the shooting sports industry, and has since enabled thousands of independent retailers to successfully sell online. Originally offered as an affordable turnkey solution geared toward small businesses, Gearfire later went on to acquire AXIS Point of Sale and established Gearfire Payments to create a complete solution for independent retailers. Through its seamless inventory streaming technology, Gearfire is able to provide an endless aisle experience by partnering with distributors and manufacturers, which allows independent retailers to compete with larger businesses. “Our affordable turnkey solution has helped retailers in the shooting sports industry grow rapidly,” says Chad Seaverns, the Chief Operating Officer at Gearfire.

Gearfire is solely focused on customer success. From a retailer’s beginning days to twelve years down the road, the company provides a white glove experience by doing all the heavy lifting. “We setup their store, help customers with margin strategy, hook up their domain and more. From start to finish, most customers are rocking and rolling within 15 days and often see their first sale within the first week of launching,” mentions Seaverns.

Our affordable turnkey solution has helped retailers in the shooting sports industry grow rapidly

With its acquisition of AXIS Point of Sale and subsequent integration, Gearfire has opened up the flood gates for a true omnichannel experience that allows independent retailers to thrive. The company has created an intuitive interface for manual product creation for those one-off product lines too, but its true claim to fame is the master data catalog that every retailer can take advantage of. “When they are ready to add a product to their store, they can select from over $1 Billion worth of inventory from a streaming catalogue. Further, we provide SEO friendly product descriptions and high quality images to help clients focus on selling,” Seaverns adds.

Since day one, Gearfire has been heavily invested in technology that provides customers with the best solution possible. Seaverns mentions that they are small enough to pivot and react to retailer needs, but big enough to deliver enterprise-level customer care and products. For instance, Gearfire helped Deep South Defense, located in Seneca, South Carolina, to build their own range due to the increase in online sales. They originally started as a small shop but quickly expanded nationally with the help of the Gearfire platform, and saw a large increase in online sales in addition to more consistent foot traffic.

With an infectious family culture of accomplishing good work by helping small businesses in local communities across the country, Gearfire is excited about its new version of the platform that will be launching soon. “We’ve completely overhauled the entire experience to provide a better looking system with more features, all while maintaining our commitment to making it as easy as possible,” informs Seaverns. “We’ve helped retailers in the shooting sports industry grow rapidly, and look forward to making a splash in the fishing and general outdoors industry very soon. There are so many opportunities ahead, and we plan on leveraging our expertise and commitment to helping businesses succeed in the industries we love.”
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Gearfire eCommerce

Gearfire eCommerce

Scottsdale, Arizona

Chad Seaverns, Chief Operating Officer

An industry leading software provider for eCommerce, Point of Sale and Merchant Service solutions, Gearfire Payments helps businesses achieve their goals by making it easier to sell online, collect payments and manage their in-store operations