IBCnet: Pathway to Next Level Ecommerce

IBCnet: Pathway to Next Level Ecommerce

Michael M. Vaknin, President & CEO, IBCnetMichael M. Vaknin, President & CEO
Today, businesses have a pool of off-the-shelf ecommerce packages to choose from, that provide a strong base to embark on their ecommerce journey. However, when it is time to move to the next level, enterprises require special functionalities to incorporate their unique needs that differentiate them from the competition. Businesses require solutions that can deftly capture their unique differentiation to figure a plan, design, develop and launch innovative ecommerce websites. Leveraging its experience in internet based frameworks for over a decade, IBCnet designs, develops and maintains entire eco systems of ecommerce spanning over web and mobile. The company supports online merchants in providing them with a complete plan that includes all the stages of developing an online shop, across various platforms. “Our services empower clients with robust admin functionality to control, manage, analyze and enhance engaging experiences for higher return on investment,” explains Michael M. Vaknin, President and CEO, IBCnet.

“Our ecommerce development services are made to fit the requirements of every client who would like to start, upgrade, or take its current store to the next level of online merchant activity.” Many of the company’s full scale ecommerce applications are based on BV Commerce (BVC), a dynamic ASP. NET ecommerce software, allowing for customization of ecommerce with marketplaces and back-end operations. Furthermore, IBCnet offers various custom plug-ins to integrate multiple functionalities of ecommerce. For example, using the company’s Amazon inventory sync module will allow clients to keep track of real time stock. With, Mail Order Management (MOM) plug-in, clients can connect MOM with their online store or UPS plug-in to update orders with tracking numbers. Clients can also benefit from IBCnet’s mobile development solutions that ties ecommerce solutions to customized mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The next significant step for a successful ecommerce website is increasing online visibility through reliable Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.

Our services empower clients with robust admin functionality to control, manage, analyze and enhance engaging experiences for higher return on investment

“We can help achieve business goals by increasing online popularity through combining seasoned website development and search engine marketing services,” asserts Vaknin. Through IBCnet’s services, clients can create the right SEM plan with fundamental online marketing and search engine indexing tasks based on their goals, market and budget. By offering both Development and SEM, the company brings online success to client’s websites. “We have worked on hundreds of projects transforming many companies’ vision of online business into a real world working business.”

IBCnet has simplified the ecommerce journey of various firms. Minimus.biz is the largest online sellers of everything travel size that required a solution larger than the existing off the shelf ecommerce package to meet its warehousing and marketing needs. Over the last decade, IBCnet planned, designed and developed multiple solutions ranging from built-in SEM methodologies, wholesale channel, partner portal and many other enhancements to keep up with their growth and customer demand. “We have upgraded their site every few years in the past decade to the latest ecommerce version maintaining customizations, creating new ones to meet demand, and provided fresh new designs with responsive theme,” he says.

Vaknin leads the company with his dynamic and adaptive nature that reflects in the company’s work management methodology that easily adapts to changes when challenges arise. With the growth in mobile application development, Vaknin envisages the company to work towards connecting the dots between ecommerce to specific business mobile applications. These applications will help business owners prevent loss of current market share and help capture new business. “At our core, we have always been a client centered seasoned development team with strong business sense and will continue to cater for new clients to turn their vision into a real working online business,” he concludes.