Top 10 eCommerce Solution Providers 2016
Mercatus Technologies: Retail Revamped With A Digital Touch

Top 10 eCommerce Solution Providers 2016

The rise of eCommerce has radically transformed the way the world does business at every imaginable level. Right from the smallest business taking its first step into the online marketplace, to the cut and thrust of global competition moving up to the biggest online players, all are vying to dominate the market.

The increasing importance of the global market is driven in part by the ubiquity of smartphones and other mobile devices as well as the ever-growing availability of Wi-Fi access. These factors have come together to create an environment which facilitates online purchases at almost any time and in practically any location. The online businesses which have benefited most from this environment are, not surprisingly, those who have invested in an online presence which has been optimized for mobile customers.

As the online market continues to expand, evolve and mature, it looks set to continue to change the global market for many years into the future. While all this change has brought with it many new opportunities for businesses to reach out to new clients and customers as well as to partner with one another, it has also uncovered new challenges which the business community will have to address.

Retail CIO Outlook through this special edition brings forth the key market players who can make a difference in the productivity of organizations by offering unique eCommerce solutions. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including the editorial board of Retail CIO Outlook has narrowed the final 10 eCommerce Solution Providers that deliver innovative technologies, which optimize business processes in the eCommerce domain.

We present to you Retail CIO Outlook’s Top 10 eCommerce Solution Providers 2016.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
3dcart Shopping Carts A feature-rich e-commerce platform with a wide range of pricing options for merchants who are looking for an affordable, fully-hosted selling solution
BigCommerce Provides a robust, flexible ecommerce platform that offers established and emerging brands with everything they need to launch, promote, manage and scale a successful online store
IBCnet Provides end-to-end ecommerce solutions, with strong focus on return on investment
Mercatus Technologies Redefining the digital experience within grocery
ShippingEasy Provides the simplest online shipping app for online sellers
Sirius Computer Solutions An integrator of technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, including the data center and lines of business
Speartek Provides unparalleled website management solutions to companies of all sizes
Vend Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce and customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC
Volusion Volusion offers a fully hosted, all-in-one shopping cart software for small and medium business owners
Zmags The shoppable content company that empowers ecommerce professionals to create and publish engaging digital experiences in minutes