Expediting Online Shopping with Personalized Ads
retailciooutlook Expediting Online Shopping with Personalized Ads

Rareș Bănescu, Founder & CEO, Retargeting.bizRareș Bănescu, Founder & CEO
If you do not evolve, you get left behind. This fact has never been truer than nowadays, especially in a constantly growing market like e-commerce that heavily relies on technical developments. As the popularity of online shopping increases daily, the limitless choices often become a bane rather than a boon. And, this begs the question—How do online businesses serve and retain diverse potential customers?

“Personalization? Look no further,” answers Rareș Bănescu founder and CEO of

Shoppers are favoring companies who take the pain out of this choice by offering personalized recommendations. “Knowing exactly what a customer needs and being able to provide it at the right time sets an online shop apart from the competition,” adds’ CEO. With a desire to answer the demand for marketing automation and personalization and address the pain-points of online businesses through personalized recommendations, is a tool that offers e-shops a complete solution built on Artificial Intelligence in order to automate the communications between an online store and its clients. The company monitors users’ browsing behavior and personalizes their journey throughout the buying process accordingly, with Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, personalized emails, onsite messages, push notifications and SMS messages.

One of the fastest growing SaaS in Eastern Europe, rises up to the challenge of ever-growing cart abandonment rates by empowering e-shops with a marketing automation solution that offers dynamic ads created and optimized automatically, ads that are deliberately devised to lower budgets while enhancing results by up to 50 percent compared to manual ad campaigns. In as little as 3 months from the launch of their new Dynamic Ads feature that revolutionized the Eastern Europe eCommerce market, managed to not just exceed the expectations of their clients and partners but also to catch the eye of the global players Facebook and Google. This far exceeded the goals set by the advertising giants (companies take in average between 6 to 12 months to reach the set goals), helping them become both Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Premier Partner.

As such,, an innovative and forward-thinking Romanian project launched in 2013 by the young entrepreneur Rareș Bănescu joins the ranks of the most appreciated companies worldwide.’s Dynamic Ads functionality reduces the expense of manually created and managed ads by automatically creating and updating product catalogues and optimizing ads while always providing the latest campaign types and technologies. At the same time, it draws attention by offering personalized notifications on multiple channels leveraging past purchases and browsing habits of each user.

Knowing exactly what a customer needs and being able to provide it at the right time sets an online shop apart from the competition

The company has developed a proprietary algorithm from scratch, which utilizes true AI to analyze behavioral patterns for each user of a particular store to ensure communications with each client are personalized with the products and content that they are most likely to buy or have shown interest in. The algorithm analyzes over 40 parameters in real-time and gives each product browsed by customers a score based on their apparent interest in it.

The highly automated and customizable marketing automation solution provided by monitors the end-user’s journey and engages them through multiple channels. This omni-channel approach resulted in 35 percent lower CPC and 50 percent better CPA for’s clients and leads to an increase in ROI by up to 20X. Retargeting. biz oversees and optimizes the performance of each campaign in real-time. The tool displays behavioral pop-ups with an average conversion rate of 17 percent and sends personalized emails with an average open rate of 52 percent, click rate of 38 percent and conversion rate of 12 percent.

In an instance, engaged with TopMark. hu, an e-shop with a wide range of products like accessories for cars and mobiles, health and beauty products, and kitchen and home appliances. As customers started spending more time on the site, a steady surge in the average order value was observed. The Google Programmatic Ads feature drove upwards the click-through rate by 1.36 percent, conversion rate by 4.83 percent generating a cost per acquisition of just 0.85 EUR, which led to a significant increase of 40 percent of ROI.

You can start a new campaign in just 3 steps, knowing that your website’s visitors will receive ads with their products of interest. offers the opportunity to target an online store’s visitors (Visitor Remarketing), prospects that abandoned their shopping carts without finalizing the purchase (Abandoned Cart Remarketing), your subscribers (Email Customer Engagement), or people who interact with the Facebook page of an online store (Page Engagement).

And the benefits do not end here. doesn’t just offer the means to remarket your visitors, but also to acquire new clients through the Custom Audience (demographic & interests targeting), Lookalike Audience (targeting people with similar characteristics to the existing clients) or Trending Now (ads with best selling products) campaigns.

Several new features are lined up for the near future at This includes DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) and RLSA (Remarketing DSA)—automating all aspects of a Google Search campaign, from keywords to copy, Automatic YouTube Ads and Dynamic newsletter—a revolutionary way for online shopping stores to send newsletters to their customer base, completed with individually personalized recommendations and advertisements. “Our purpose remains to offer advanced features to our ever-growing pool of international clients,” Rares Bănescu concludes.