ShippingEasy: Simplifying Shipping for Online Sellers

ShippingEasy: Simplifying Shipping for Online Sellers

Katie May, CEO, ShippingEasyKatie May, CEO
Katie May, CEO of ShippingEasy, understands that shipping can be a manual, tedious process where accuracy is crucial. In most cases, shipping is the second cost line-item behind the inventory being sold. Therefore, selecting the right carrier and service can save a substantial amount, depending on the volume. Against this backdrop, May and her team morphed ShippingEasy’s original product into an easy-to-use shipping app for online sellers. With this advancement, ShippingEasy, an innovative provider of the leading cloud-based shipping and inventory/customer management solutions for online merchants, helps sellers save money through discounted shipping rates, and makes it easy to process orders, as well as automate tracking.

ShippingEasy offers a wide array of tools and features to automate shipping decisions. After acquiring a significant market share over four years, the company has successfully evolved from a point solution for shipping, to a platform that includes shipping, inventory and customer management with more solutions to be introduced in 2017. ShippingEasy’s inventory management solution integrates with all major platforms and marketplaces. It generates purchase orders, tracks the receipt of incoming inventory and credits inventory as orders are shipped out. “Shipping will always be our core product, but online sellers are interested in more functionality from a given solution to save time and money, and ShippingEasy is delivering that,” says May.

ShippingEasy’s Autoship tool, with its advanced algorithms recognizes shipping patterns and applies them to future orders with similar attributes, which saves time, increases accuracy, and reduces shipping costs. Online sellers are looking for ways to simplify shipping processes, but often fall short supporting returns for their buyers. Addressing this aspect, ShippingEasy offers multiple return options, irrespective of the seller’s returns strategy or philosophy. Online sellers function with multiple business systems that trigger the need for seamless feeding and integration of data across them.

ShippingEasy is the source of truth for all orders, across all marketplaces and selling channels

ShippingEasy provides extensive data and reporting tools that makes it easy for sellers to download data as well as integrate with other business systems like Quickbooks. In addition, ShippingEasy has made an API available, with access to all order, shipping, and customer data.

“ShippingEasy is the source of truth for all orders, across all marketplaces and selling channels,” asserts May. “Most online sellers distribute and sell their products on more than one website or marketplace, which might require them to deal with orders in multiple back ends. Simplifying this task, ShippingEasy downloads all orders onto a single screen and provides tools for managing and shipping them out at the lowest possible cost.”

To further stretch its arms beyond shipping solutions, ShippingEasy offers comprehensive reporting to extend business insights and help sellers track key metrics on shipping margin, orders and inventory. The company also automates insurance via two methods— Shipping Rules and Insurance Defaults. Insurance Defaults allows online sellers to set insurance defaults that automatically insures any package above a certain dollar threshold. Whereas, through Shipping Rules, sellers can automatically add insurance to orders meeting a certain criteria via If/Then statements.

ShippingEasy has thousands of customers, and offers a unique value proposition to each one. To highlight the benefits that customers receive, May recounts its SandCloud customer case study. SandCloud, a lifestyle brand, started with ShippingEasy as a small online business selling unique beach towels, and is now a behemoth in its space. SandCloud leveraged ShippingEasy to scale their fulfillment and shipping operations as their growth accelerated. Shipping Rules allowed them to automate manual tasks and reduce hiring.

“SandCloud uses our reporting tools to track and analyze shipping costs, making necessary adjustments to keep their costs low and remain competitive in their industry,” says May. “This has allowed for further growth, which is our goal for all of our customers.”