ShopSite: Leading Shopping Cart System

ShopSite: Leading Shopping Cart System

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David Hills, CEO, ShopSiteDavid Hills, CEO
E-commerce was already a trending topic in the pre-COVID era. With the pandemic extending its stay, e-commerce is the silver lining in the clouds for many stakeholders, at the moment. Merchants, small and big, are left with no other option than to contemplate investing in an online store. As brands aspire to become the next e-commerce powerhouse, ShopSite is well-positioned to serve as the backbone for all operations to its clients throughout their journey.

"ShopSite grows with your business. We have product levels for the little stores to the multi-million dollar stores," begins David Hills, CEO of ShopSite. The company is a leading provider of the e-commerce shopping cart software with its easiest-to-use, PCI Certified product. Once the store is online, ShopSite integrates critical features into the website such as payment (Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay,, Braintree, TSYS Cayan Genius ,and many more), shipping (FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, ), tax calculations (Avatax, TaxJar), and marketing (Mailchimp, Constant Contact).

ShopSite has five products: ShopSite Express, ShopSite Starter, ShopSite Manager, ShopSite Pro, and ShopSite Enterprise. Businesses who have an existing WordPress website or blog can quickly use ShopSite Express to add up to 10 order buttons for their products. Merchants who are just getting started with selling products online can utilize ShopSite Starter. It also allows adding order buttons to an existing website and lets users sell up to fifteen products on approximately five automatically generated store pages.

With ShopSite Manager, users have all the features they need to have a successful online store with no limit on the number of products they can sell. They can create product option pull-down menus, put products up for sale, and automatically generate individual product detail pages. ShopSite Manager includes real-time shipping quotes from UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service in the shopping cart. Users can also calculate sales tax or Value Added Tax (VAT/GST) based on the customer's ZIP or Postal Code.

ShopSite Pro encompasses everything ShopSite Manager has and provides a host of additional tools to make a store even better.
Users can sell digital download products, offer bulk discounts, and create product option pull-downs. ShopSite Pro also lets users provide promotions and incentives, with built-in support for coupons, gift certificates, sales, and reward programs to retain customers better.

Our product ShopSite grows with your business. We have different product levels for the little stores to the million dollars plus stores out there

In the last couple of years, the company has added one more product called ShopSite Enterprise that integrates with database servers such as MySQL and MariaDB. Many customers upgraded to ShopSite Enterprise because it provided a more robust database, especially for larger stores. ShopSite Enterprise enabled them to integrate with other scripts in MySQL to extend functionality and features and tie-in with 3rd party scripts and applications. There is a better overall performance as MySQL can scale well with high traffic, allowing more orders to be placed faster.

ShopSite has also leveraged Google Analytics Integrations so that large businesses can analyze reports on customers' purchase information and buying trends. ShopSite provides its clients with a Store Setup Wizard that guides a new merchant through the initial creation of an online store in as little as fifteen minutes. The Wizard helps users get acquainted with ways to add products and pages, configure shipping, and payment settings. From a customization point of view, merchants can choose a theme for their store from over a hundred available themes. ShopSite provides the flexibility to modify the templates to make it unique for a merchant who can work with their designer or one of the many designers who know ShopSite's products.

"We have hosting partners, but we are flexible and agnostic about where a merchant hosts. Customers can choose to host in the cloud or with one of our partners. We also integrate with a number ofpayment gateways. Unlike some eCommerce vendors, we do not charge any additional fees for use of a payment gateway. ," adds Hills.

During the pandemic, several of Shopsite's clients have witnessed a significant increase in sales and orders. These merchants appreciate that they have a fast loading site with static HTML pages. This stable platform can handle high traffic and order volume without any issues.

Going forward, the company continues to refine and add features to its offerings.. "We are currently focusing on the payment aspect and anything we can do to make the checkout process easier for the shopper" concludes Hills.
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