Creator, a Zmags Product: Scaling Interactive and Shoppable Content in Minutes

Creator, a Zmags Product: Scaling Interactive and Shoppable Content in Minutes

Brian Rigney, CEO, ZmagsBrian Rigney, CEO
For e-commerce retailers, creating a dynamic and engaging digital experience is no longer optional; it’s a must have for success,” expresses Brian Rigney, CEO of Zmags. Typically, with a traditional campaign creation and development process, coding a campaign page, buying guide or editorial with interactive elements and integrated shoppable content often takes retailers six or even twelve weeks to produce. Because of these long cycles, most retailers struggle to easily create and quickly deploy the rich, shoppable experiences that drive engagement and conversions. Today, leading brands turn to Zmags—as it is revolutionizing that process and empowering digital marketing and e-commerce professionals to create and rapidly publish interactive and shoppable digital experiences— without writing a single line of code.

Launched in mid-2015, Creator, Zmags’ new platform, is transforming how online retailers create and publish content that engages their customers with rich brand experiences. “Our intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it possible for marketers and ecommerce professionals to easily create and quickly publish rich shoppable content, boost customer engagement, and increase conversion rates and order values,” states Rigney. He also notes that interactivity can have a significant impact on customer engagement; with Creator, clients can build quizzes, panoramic shop-the-room experiences, gift guides, and richer content in a more timely and market-responsive manner—all without coding. Creator also features integrated quick views, crawlable text, animations, SEO optimization, instant shoppability, and responsive design that allow users to create and publish content instantly, or schedule for later deployment.

Today’s leading brands, including New York & Company (NY&C), Neiman Marcus, Ethan Allen, and L’Oreal and many others embrace Zmags’ Creator to help them instantly connect with customers. When NY&C faced technical and process limits to creating rich digital experiences, they turned to Creator.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it possible for leading companies to publish rich content faster and boost conversions, order values, and engagement

Leveraging Creator’s drag-and-drop tools, asset libraries and widgets, NY&C created rich, digital content that successfully drove higher engagement metrics and conversion rates. After implementing Creator, their campaign production cycle was reduced from an average of 12 weeks to mere days, and sometimes just a few hours. “During the recent New York Fashion Week, NY&C’s digital experience launched within three hours of a live runway show, and included edited video, images and music from the event—further immersing the viewer in the runway experience.

Zmags’ other product, Publicator, empowers customers to turn their print assets into interactive catalogs, brochures, newsletters and more with robust interactive elements like hotspot links, videos, animations, and shoppability.

As retail e-commerce continues to evolve rapidly, brands are pushing boundaries and exploring new territory, especially as they seek to build connections to their customers. Rigney stresses that there is an obvious product gap in the market place: “Content frequently gets lost or left behind in a silo, or falls through the spaces between multiple technology solutions and departments. Consumers want to purchase from content that inspires; a sterile, gird layout of flat images does not generate the results that rich, engaging content does. It is often difficult for retailers to deliver on that vision because of the resource and technical limitations of their e-commerce and content management systems. We revolutionize that by enabling interactive, shoppable content across all digital channels without coding,” concludes Rigney.