Entrepids: Building Enduring E-commerce Solutions

Entrepids: Building Enduring E-commerce Solutions

Sergio Solanot, CEO, EntrepidsSergio Solanot, CEO
The world’s most successful retailers know that potential customers can be anywhere. Those retailers worldwide are looking at omnichannel solutions that are designed to help them create, execute, and optimize multilingual and multinational strategies for online, mobile, and in-store sales, with customer interactions that drive sales, global growth, and loyalty. “As the line between online and physical channels is blurred, a new approach to channel strategy is emerging—omnichannel, which aims to deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of the touch point the consumer has chosen,” says Sergio Solanot, CEO of Entrepids. With fifteen years of experience focused on e-commerce, Entrepids is creating innovative and effective user experiences. They build e-commerce solutions for large retail operations, which are highly scalable and strategically designed, bringing a wealth of experience to their clients, and helping them navigate the e-commerce waters.

According to Solanot, with omnichannel commerce becoming the priority for leading retailers, there is a growing need of flexible and robust platforms to facilitate the rapid deployment of appropriate solutions. “We aim to set up the first version of a robust omnichannel solution in four to six months, and then evolve from there with new releases periodically,” adds Solanot. “We don´t want our clients to wait 18 months or more to be online, the strategic cost of doing that is too high.” The company implements Magento Enterprise, a platform that offers flexible and high-performing e-commerce solutions that help in creating seamless customer experiences across the various channels that are critical today. The platform allows design, set up and development of on-line stores ensuring an exceptional user experience. Entrepids offers complete omnichannel end-to-end solutions that include holistic design, starting with the retailer´s strategy, implementation, support and managed services. “We are the largest Magento Gold Partner in Latin America, and the first one to bring Magento to Mexico and other countries in as early as 2010, offering unmatched e-commerce experience in the region,” explains Solanot.

We don´t want our clients to wait 18 months or more to be online, the strategic cost of doing that is too high

Entrepids was founded in 1999 with a focus on B2B e-commerce. Its proprietary e-commerce platform, PowerVentas was designed and developed from the ground-up with a clear B2B focus. PowerVentas is not an adaptation of a B2C solution. “Today, B2B e-commerce solutions typically borrow ideas and functionality from B2C. Because we started as a B2B e-commerce solutions company, our path has been different,” asserts Solanot. “We started by developing a platform for B2B focusing on the needs and expectations of the different types of B2B buyers, and then added some B2C features to enrich the experience.” As in B2C, their focus is to provide the full spectrum of services that retailers and manufacturers need when operating a B2B e-commerce strategy.

Best Buy Mexico is one of the company’s biggest success stories, where Entrepids delivered an omni-channel solution that helped increase sales and revenue for the electronics store giant. In addition to the success of the omnichannel solution deployed, one of the highlights of the implementation was how an Entrepids dedicated team and the retailer´s e-commerce team worked together as one to deliver exceptional results.

The company is adding more platforms to their offerings, as they believe Entrepids’ competitive differentiation relies on the breadth and depth of their e-commerce expertise, and that the company can add tremendous value to their clients beyond the chosen e-commerce platform. Over the next few years, the market will see Entrepids delivering more solutions with Magento Enterprise and PowerVentas, along with new platforms. “Our clients need a business solution, an e-commerce omnichannel solution that is reliable, flexible and robust to support their strategy, and we need to provide that with the platform that best fits the client’s needs,” concludes Solanot.