Symphony Commerce: Empowering Brands with Commerce-as-a-Service

Symphony Commerce: Empowering Brands with Commerce-as-a-Service

Harish Abbott, CEO , Symphony Commerce san franciscoHarish Abbott, CEO
Retail e-commerce has grown significantly since the time of its inception and has become an integral part of commerce operations today. Running a successful e-commerce business can be rewarding and at the same time, arduous. CIOs are facing multiple challenges while navigating the ecommerce landscape. With rapid changes in technology, legacy solutions are increasingly capital and time inefficient. “Today’s goal may not be tomorrow’s goal,” asserts Harish Abbott, CEO, Symphony Commerce.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, the objective of Symphony Commerce is to provide a complete commerce platform store, inventory, and fulfillment as a fully elastic managed service. Symphony’s holistic approach powers accelerated omni channel growth for consumer brands.

The company’s platform embraces three of today’s core principles for best of breed technology off premise, managed service, and multi-tenant architecture service. Symphony removes its clients for having to deal with mission critical issues like site hosting, software updates, and capacity in times of demand surges. Symphony Commerce’s integrated platform provides greater efficiency than traditional commerce solutions. Freed from mission critical issues, brands can focus on their core creating compelling products and telling memorable stories.

Tactically, Symphony offers a number of features that increase a brand’s bottom line for instance, Symphony Commerce enables brands to virtually allocate inventory across various distribution channels. This removes the traditional, costly burdens of physically separating inventory.

Symphony empowers any consumer brand to offer the most compelling customer experiences across every channel and every device

Symphony’s platform stands alone as a complete, extensible, and innovative commerce infrastructure.

Symphony Commerce’s platform is seamlessly integrated. Among other things, it empowers their clients to manage product catalogues, omnichannel merchandising and pricing, as well as multi-warehouse fulfillment an online ecommerce business headquartered in the Durham, NC, increased its online product sales with the guidance of Symphony Commerce. The client had only three full-time employees and was looking for innovative technology offerings that were cost effective. Symphony Commerce assisted Diamond Candles by providing solutions that aided the company sell their products without hiring additional employees. Symphony Commerce deployed a unique multi tenant cloud platform, which covered omnichannel stores, inventory management, and multi-warehouse fulfillment.

Moving ahead, Symphony Commerce is planning to achieve a complete democratization of commerce where brands can be self sufficient and not waste money on buying technology infrastructure. “Our competitive strategy is to continue to innovate on what commerce infrastructures can and should be. In the process, we’ll deliver outsized value to our customers and help grow their business,” concludes Abbott.